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Garage Door Maintenance

Choose our team for garage door maintenance in Stittsville, Ontario. The whole point of having the garage door maintained is to nip its problems in the bud. The whole essence of this preventive service is to breathe life into the existing garage door and thus, keep it for longer without facing problems that could be avoided in the first place. For such reasons, the way the service is done is as important as how often it’s done. No wonder it’s wise to book the garage door maintenance service regularly.

Do you know what’s also wise? To entrust maintenance to Garage Door Repair Stittsville ON. And we are about to tell you the reasons why.

Garage Door Maintenance Stittsville

Regularly book garage door maintenance with Stittsville experts

Since regularity matters, Stittsville garage door maintenance services are offered as often as our customers need them. Of course, you can sign up for a regular maintenance plan and have the garage door serviced once or twice a year – as agreed. So, one good thing about turning to our team is that you have options in regard to maintenance plans and whether you want to sign up for a program or contact us whenever you are ready for the service.

What’s equally important is the way the job is done. The techs assigned to maintenance services are experts in garage door troubleshooting, safety inspection, and all opener brands. They also have experience with all garage door brands and all garage door types, ensuring proper inspection and service. On top of all other things, they count years in the service sector and numerous maintenance jobs. To put it simply, the service is thoroughly carried out from start to finish.

Garage door maintenance checkpoints

Although garage doors vary, the techs follow a checkpoint list. Of course, they take into account the special characteristics and features of the garage door in question too. Overall, the service involves a number of tasks.

  •          Inspection of all parts, from the cables and tracks to the springs and rollers.
  •          Cleaning, lubrication, checking the hardware, and tightening the loosened fasteners.
  •          Testing the garage door balance, force, and all features.
  •          Making any needed garage door adjustment and all necessary fixes.
  •          Checking the opener and all its components and features.

All parts of the garage door are checked. The pros do the needed repairs, lubricate, and make adjustments as required. Once the job is completed, the garage door runs smoothly and safely. If you like to book in Stittsville garage door maintenance and want the best possible service, no need to take risks. Contact our team.